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Scaling New Heights: SAVSIM CIC's Everest Challenge

Man standing on a path in front of a mountain

SAVSIM CIC is on top of the world.

Nestled at the iconic base camp of Mount Everest, SAVSIM CIC has embarked on an extraordinary journey that goes beyond the peaks of the Himalayas. As acclimatization training kicks off, the organization is gearing up for the next chapter in its remarkable story.

Training for the Longest Triathlon Ever Attempted

At the forefront of this ambitious venture are two seasoned veterans, Mitchell Hutchcraft and Nirmal (Nimsdai) Purja. These individuals, with a spirit as unyielding as the Everest summit itself, are gearing up for the third leg of a world record attempt—the longest triathlon ever undertaken.

The challenges they face are not only physical but symbolic of the resilience and determination required to overcome obstacles. Their journey represents not just a personal triumph but a beacon of hope for all those facing their own uphill battles.

A Noble Cause: More Than Just a Triathlon

While the feat is awe-inspiring, what makes this undertaking truly remarkable is the cause behind it. Funds raised through this venture will be a lifeline for SAVSIM CIC, enabling them to expand their vital initiatives.

Animal Assisted Mental Health Programs: One of the primary beneficiaries of the funds will be the animal-assisted mental health programs designed to support veterans grappling with PTSD. By harnessing the therapeutic power of animals, SAVSIM CIC aims to provide a unique and effective avenue for healing.

Anti-Poaching and Wildlife Crime Prevention Programs: The commitment doesn't end there. SAVSIM CIC is also dedicated to extending its reach in the fight against wildlife crime. The funds raised will fuel their anti-poaching efforts, contributing to the global mission of protecting endangered species and preserving our planet's biodiversity.

How You Can Contribute

Supporting this noble cause is as simple as visiting SAVSIM CIC's official website: There, you can learn more about their initiatives, the Everest challenge, and how your contribution can make a meaningful impact.

For those who prefer a visual journey, SAVSIM CIC welcomes you to follow their adventures on Instagram: @savsim_official. Witness the breathtaking landscapes, the trials, and the triumphs, all while staying connected with the mission.

A Heartfelt Thank You

On behalf of the veterans whose lives are touched and the animals whose habitats are safeguarded, SAVSIM CIC extends a heartfelt thank you. Your support is not just a donation; it's a gesture that resonates with the shared responsibility of caring for those who have served and protecting the wildlife that makes our world extraordinary.

As the Everest challenge unfolds, let us collectively stand with SAVSIM CIC, proving that with every step, we can make a difference.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.


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