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Our projects

We partner with some of the world's most impactful conservation groups and organisations to skill-share and further support the amazing work they already do. From rhino protection in national parks to those working tirelessly in combat of the illegal wildlife trade, we're here to help. 

We are a non-profit, centered around wildlife conservation operating globally. We partner with organisations that call for change and work with the wider veteran community and first responders to implement change. Our unique approach helps to save wildlife, whilst supporting veterans' transition. 

 Our wide spectrum of services from training rangers, to first aid, to logistics and purchasing, to wildlife crime scene investigations, to dog training but also looking at business strategies abs cases to ensure our partners have a sustainable operation in terms of conservation.

Our unique animal assisted therapy courses use therapeutic art treatments to help veterans and first responders in the treatment of mental health and PTSD.


We hold an array of bespoke events throughout the year including gala dinners and clay pigeon shoot days for our sponsors, animal-assisted therapy courses and nature programs for our veterans, and fun, family-friendly fundraisers for those who want to help create change. 

There are lots of ways you can help. From becoming a full-time partner to helping out our development committee, there's always something to be done when facing a huge challenge such as wildlife protection. For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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