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Limitless: A Journey of Endurance and Compassion

As the chairman of SAVSIM CIC, it is with great pleasure that I report on the extraordinary progress of one of our own, Mitchell Hutchcraft, a former Royal Marine and SAVSIM fundraiser. Mitchell has embarked on a journey of a lifetime, having just landed at the base of the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest, to begin acclimatization training for next year's world record attempt—a triathlon like no other.

The "Limitless" Challenge:

What makes this record attempt unique is its name: "Limitless." Mitchell's endeavour will involve a trifecta of challenges: swimming the English Channel, cycling to the Everest base camp, and then conquering the iconic Mount Everest. It's an epic journey that will test the limits of physical and mental endurance, and it's all in the name of a remarkable cause.

A True Inspiration:

Mitchell Hutchcraft is not alone on this epic climb. Joining him at the Everest base camp is an inspirational fellow veteran, Nirmal (Nimsdai) Purja. Nimsdai, with his exceptional mountaineering skills, is the perfect companion for this monumental journey. Together, they are poised to make history and inspire us all to reach for our own limitless potential.

Support from SAVSIM CIC:

Behind Mitchell, Nimsdai, and this record-breaking attempt is a dedicated team of volunteers, ambassadors, advisors, and patrons from SAVSIM CIC. Their unwavering support is instrumental in making this mission possible, and they serve as a testament to the power of community. But this journey is about more than just setting records; it's about making a positive impact. During a recent meeting at the London Zoo Zoological Society of London (ZSL), I had the honour of sitting down with Mitchell to discuss how the funds raised from this endeavour will be used. The primary focus is on delivering animal-assisted therapy courses to help veterans struggling with mental health issues and PTSD.

Furthermore, these funds will aid veterans in transitioning into the critical work of preventing wildlife crime. Protecting nature's most vulnerable is a cause close to our hearts, and it's an honour to contribute to this mission.

I am thrilled to report that the response from donors and sponsors has been exceptional. Many have stepped up to support the financial costs of this world record attempt, recognizing the significance of this mission. However, there are still opportunities available for organisations or individuals who wish to be part of this extraordinary journey and support this tremendous display of mental and physical endurance.

In conclusion, "Limitless" is not just a world record attempt; it's a testament to human potential and compassion. It's a reminder that we can push our boundaries, overcome challenges, and make a difference in the world. On behalf of the veterans we support and the animals we protect, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed and encouraged others to join us on this remarkable journey. Together, we can achieve the "Limitless."

If you want to know more about us and what we do as an organisation, please visit us on our website or follow us on Instagram @savsim_official.

On behalf of the animals, we protect and the veterans we support.



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