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SAVSIM CIC: Pioneering Animal-Assisted Therapy for Veterans' Mental Health

Veterans' mental health is a cornerstone of SAVSIM CIC's mission, with their "Warriors of Hope" animal-assisted therapy courses leading the charge. These innovative programs incorporate therapeutic art, yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques, providing invaluable support to veterans grappling with PTSD and other mental health issues.

In an exciting partnership with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), SAVSIM CIC kicks off its 2024 programs at the renowned London Zoo. The first stage of the course commences next week, followed by a week-long residential at Whipsnade Zoo. This immersive approach promises to offer veterans a unique and therapeutic experience surrounded by the beauty of nature and the calming presence of animals.


This year, SAVSIM CIC extends its reach to veterans from the Royal Air Force and the Navy, alongside esteemed members of the Army, including a former Major and Colonel. Such inclusivity reflects their commitment to supporting veterans from all branches of the military.

The Warriors Of Hope Service With The Zoological Society Of London

Due to overwhelming demand, SAVSIM CIC is set to run a second course in November, already fully subscribed. The fact that these courses are provided free of charge to veterans underscores the organisation's dedication to their well-being. This support is made possible by generous donors and supporters who attend SAVSIM CIC events.


A heartfelt thank you goes out to The Veterans' Foundation for their grant towards the upcoming course. Their contribution ensures that SAVSIM CIC can continue offering these vital services to those who have served their country.


Notable figures, including Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer, have shown their support for SAVSIM CIC's initiatives. Their presence highlights the importance of addressing veterans' mental health and the effectiveness of programs like "Warriors of Hope."


For those interested in learning more or getting involved, visiting the SAVSIM CIC website ( is encouraged. Together, we can continue supporting veterans and protecting the welfare of animals, making a positive impact on both fronts.


SAVSIM CIC remains dedicated to its mission of providing hope and healing to veterans while fostering connections between humans and animals. With your support, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed so much for our country.

To find out more about our mission and how you can help, please visit us on our website or follow us on Instagram @savsim_official.

On behalf of the animals, we protect and the veterans we support.



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