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SAVSIM SAVSIM CIC recently completed a 6 week program to build capacity within a Rhino & Elephant Protection Unit (REPU) through rationalizing and improving the stores ,the training-up of the existing quartermasters to improve the logistics and supply chain at North Luangwa Conservation Program (NLCP) is a ‘Frankfurt Zoological Society’ (FZS) program working in a public-private partnership with the Zambian government’s ‘Department of National Parks & Wildlife’ (DNPW).

The program assisted in the management of approximately 4,636km2 of national park and a further c.17,400km2 of ‘Game Management Areas’ (GMAs), all of which makes up a significant protected area within the beautifully wild Luangwa River valley, part of the Rift Valley in north-eastern Zambia.

NLCP’s ‘Rhino & Elephant Protection Unit’s’ (REPU) as 160 rangers made up ‘tier 1’ anti-poaching units; REPU Mobile (long-range patrolling), the Rhino Monitoring Unit (RMU), K9 & Fenceline (rhino sanctuary fence security). All of which are resourced from one equipment store, one ration store, two armouries (main and sub) and a store for training equipment.'

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