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SAVSIM work alongside Wild At Life to help prevent the illegal animal trafficking trade. The following content is lifted from Wild At Heart


Mission Caita has two main goals.

Wild@Life is rescuing the primates in need, victim of wildlife trade and wildlife trafficking. For one infant chimpanzee to be abducted, 10 from the same family, including the mother, is being murdered. Chimpanzees are protective and they never hand their baby to the killers, and most of them get murdered. The orphan is then sold to the bloody trade and ends up as a pet or entertainment animal. Wild@Life rescues and confiscates such traumatized animals and a long process of rehabilitation starts with us. As there is no sanctuary in Angola and setting up is very expensive, Wild@Life has an agreement with Congo JGI sanctuary and the team, after the rehabilitation phase, brings the primate to Congo. Due to the nature of such operations being costly and highly demanding, Wild@Life also works on the second goal: anti poaching and law enforcement. The Rangers are missing a considerable amount of technological and basic needs. Wild@Life patrols Maiombe Ranforest Region. During such works we also bring poachers in for questioning, later imprisonment. Wild@Life supports the rangers financially and brings them the much needed forest and anti poaching gears within Mission Caita.

Mission Caita has been born from a juvenile poached chimpanzee we named Caita, that our team apprehended, tied in the trunk of a car. Poachers were going to sell her to the market. We have taken her to safety, she was traumatized . It’s unknown exactly how long Caita was held captive with the poachers and what other unsanitary conditions she was exposed to. She was starting to make progress by eating and drinking but then the tetanus took hold. Caita got her hand caught in a snare. The snare was rusty. As a result, she has contracted tetanus. All the vets could do for Caita is to treat the symptoms and hope that Caita is strong enough to fight the disease.

She had the best care for her and two of her fingers trapped in the snare and got tetanus infected had been removed by surgery. BUT SHE DID NOT MAKE IT! Sadly her little body gave up to septic shock and we have lost her. Her burial was simple. She caught the attention of many around the world and she will never be forgotten.

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