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Chairman Talks: The Team That Drives SAVSIM Forward

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Welcome to the” chairman talks” blog for this week. In this week's blog, I want to talk a bit more about what makes SAVSIM work, the people behind the scenes and how it all coincides to allow the charity to achieve its goals. When asked about SAVSIM and the work that we complete here, I often get asked, “ ls SAVSIM just you?” This is an understandable question given my role as chairman and co-founder, however, this is not the case.

SAVSIM is a 100% volunteer-based organisation; we have no employees or salaries to pay. All donations received or funds generated go towards our Warriors of Hope animal-assisted therapy programs to treat PTSD or to provide the funding needed to support our anti-poaching programs.

Who are The SAVSIM Team?

Like any organisation, governance and structure is key to enabling it to operate and meet its mission statements. To help us to achieve our goals, we have an amazing group of volunteers from varied backgrounds to all fight towards one common goal. With some members of the team having served in the armed forces and others having a background in both tech and finance, this team are crucial in fundraising efforts as well as the daily operations of the courses and programs we operate.

The Governance Board

Governance is key when it comes to ensuring best practice is maintained to the highest standards at SAVSIM. This is important to us as we are not just delivering our core mission statements but dealing with donated funds. All funds received from both fundraising events as well as donations are tracked and monitored, with monthly cash flows/expenditures so every penny received is allocated accordingly.

Crucial SAVSIM Advisors

This group is key to the successful operation of SAVSIM and the overseas programs that we are operating. It is made up of ex-military and police personnel that are on hand to provide both legal and accountancy support, but also security advice to aid us in navigating some of the conflict locations we operate in. With many being highly conflict-driven areas, this constant advice and guidance are often needed for the safety of our veterans and those taking part in the conservation effort.

The Management Board

Alongside this key focus on governance, we also highly value the need for efficient management. With multiple courses as well as programs operating overseas, all communication and management on these projects need to be maintained to the highest standard. This group oversees the day-to-day running of SAVSIM, looking at the anti-poaching programs we deliver, allocating teams and resources, logistics etc and our Warriors of Hope program. They are crucial to the work that we are conducting daily and help to ensure we can offer these services.

Fundraising/ Marketing / Communications Board

This is the group that manages our fundraising activities, be it our clay day, golf day, donor dinners or the treks and challenges this team handle everything. Alongside this, they are also in charge of Issuing invoices, coordinating events, sending out invites to guests and thinking of new ways to engage with the public and our donors. Whether this be posting on social media, sending out newsletters via email or updating the website with new and exciting content all that we are achieving is a team and the work that they are conducting is yet another important part of the SAVSIM machine.

Patrons Board

In addition to the amazing team of people we have here at SAVSIM, we are fortunate enough to have some patrons who actively engage and support the SAVSIM family as well. Within this group of people, there are several different skill sets that all help to push SAVSIM forward. From the former commander of the Gurkhas to the General operating in Afghanistan, the former director of veterans affairs and the former head of recovery at Help for Heroes we have a wide range of individuals within the SAVSIM team that are all driven towards the main common goal of both animal conservation and the mental health of our veterans.

The All Important SAVSIM Ambassadors

This is the group of individuals who actively promotes us. Within this group of ambassadors are several high-profile people including the former deputy chief of the New Zealand army, a polar explorer, a member of the royal family, a fundraiser who raised over £1m cycling across America and the founder of our sister charity Warrior’s RV.

To find out more please visit our website:

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On behalf of the animals we protect and the veterans we support.



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