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Savsim CIC: Who Are We And What Are We Up To?

Updated: May 11, 2023


Welcome to the first of a series of blogs from me, DR. Joe Giordano ( chairman and co-founder of SAVSIM CIC.) These blogs intend to provide a short, weekly update of what we have going on at SAVSIM CIC as well as inform you of any future events or important information. The topics of these short pieces will include issues relating to conservation/ veterans in transition and how SAVSIM supports both to provide solutions.

What Does SAVSIM Stand For?

I am often asked what does SAVSIM stand for? The name is short for saviours simul which translates to Saving Together. We are living up to the name by supporting and protecting natures vulnerable through the prevention of wildlife crime or supporting the mental health of our veterans' community through our warriors of hope, animal-assisted therapy programs in partnership with ZSL.

What Has SAVSIM CIC Been Up To In The Last Month?

As we have continued to expand our efforts, we have had several exciting opportunities arise. We have just returned from the Limpopo, working on a reserve of 150 rhinos by delivering ranger training, hostile environment-assisted training, ambush training and leadership skills to a group of rangers.

In addition to the conservation work that we have been undertaking, we are finalising our report to be submitted to the Minister of veterans affairs on our recent PTSD mental health course. This has proven highly successful in recent months and we are excited to see how we can continue to aid veterans and those suffering from PTSD to recover.

If you are interested in SAVSIM and what we are doing as a charity, this blog series is perfect for you. As the weeks progress I will include progress on our programs, some short interviews with fellow conservationists and current issues affecting the veteran community and the world of anti-poaching. This will provide you with more information on the work that we are carrying out to benefit not only the animals that we care for but the veterans as well.

On behalf of the animals we protect and the veterans we support- thank you.


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