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SAVSIM CIC: Protecting Rhinos in South Africa Through Veteran-Led Efforts

In the heart of Limpopo, South Africa, a dedicated team from SAVSIM CIC is making significant strides in the battle against wildlife crime, particularly in protecting the majestic rhinoceros. Comprising veterans who have transitioned into wildlife conservation, this team brings a wealth of skills and experience to the forefront of the fight against poaching.


At the core of the efforts lies a comprehensive Rhino protection program, which encompasses various crucial activities. These include intensive anti-poaching unit training, meticulous crime scene investigations, thorough reserve security audits, and the vital aspect of K9 training. Additionally, the team is actively involved in a de-horning program aimed at safeguarding rhinos from the threat of poachers, employing techniques such as satellite collaring and the collection of plasma to monitor migration patterns.

Fundraising Is Crucial For Our Ongoing Efforts

The success of these initiatives hinges on the generous support received from donors, fundraising efforts, and the unwavering commitment of sponsors. SAVSIM CIC organises a series of events annually to raise essential funds for their cause, with each event playing a pivotal role in sustaining their operations. One such event, the upcoming clay day scheduled for the 13th of June at Holland and Holland, promises to be a memorable occasion for all involved.

The steadfast support of sponsors like Paul Ruddick of Reds10, Glen Martin of Project One London, Edward Farren and Nicholas Gould of Fenwick Elliott LLP, and Sean Nutley of HACE ENABLING LIMITED is instrumental in enabling SAVSIM CIC to continue their vital work. Their generosity empowers the team to implement innovative strategies, undertake critical training programs, and ultimately, protect the lives of vulnerable rhinos.


Through their Instagram page (@savsim_official) and website (, SAVSIM CIC keeps supporters updated on their progress, events, and opportunities to contribute to their cause. By following their journey, individuals can actively engage in the fight against wildlife crime and support the valiant efforts of these dedicated veterans.

As we eagerly await the completion of this ambitious project, let us extend our heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors, donors, and veterans of SAVSIM CIC for their unwavering commitment to protecting our planet's precious wildlife. Together, we can make a profound difference in securing a brighter future for rhinos and all endangered species.

On behalf of the veterans we support and the animals we protect I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors.

On behalf of the veterans we support and the animals we protect I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors.

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