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Chairman Talks: Branding And The Importance Of Maintaining Relationships

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

One of the things I enjoy being chairman of SAVSIM is going out and meeting not only new donors and supporters but our existing ones too, telling them that every pound spent directly supports a veteran or the fight against wildlife crime.

I am proud to say, it costs us £47.20 a month to run SAVSIM and if I could find a cheaper way to host our website and domain page/email addresses I would.

Maintaining and establishing relationships between donors and supporters is key as a number of these people are crucial to the cause as they have an emotional connection to the cause. What is the cause? The main cause for SAVSIM is to support the veteran community and to prevent wildlife crime whilst also protecting nature's endangered habitats.

The Importance Of Donors For SAVSIM Branding

It is so rewarding for me when have the continued support of our donor and supporter base who then refer us to others who on hearing our story. Each person who takes an interest in our cause and becomes involved by attending our events, donating funds is an essential part of enabling us to achieve our goals.

We at SAVSIM foster, nurture, and grow long-term relationships with our supporters. We are also mindful not to force the issue and allow potential time to evaluate if we are the charity for them. We appreciate that we may not be the charity for everyone and without that emotional connection to the cause a connection, they won’t donate to a Charity.

Building a connection begins with a cause. Donors feel strongly about a particular issue, and they want to do something to address it. They find a charity whose mission aligns closely with this cause and donate.

Given the current economic situation, we will rely on supporters now more than ever, however, we must not forget the need to portray a coherent story and message which shouldn’t be just dedicated to new donors but to maintain and improve relationships with existing donors.

New donors are exiting but when you need to raise additional funds it is often from your existing donor base. SAVSIM maintains a strong communication strategy with our existing donors as well as those joining the cause to ensure we ensure our impact is in front of their minds, which will ensure longer-term support and in turn revenue.

Know Your Donors And Supporters!

Why a donor would engage with your charity is key and the need of the donor is crucial.

Understanding what your donors want and finding out exactly what it is that donors value about your organisation, your mission, and your work. With SAVSIM it’s supporting the veteran community and the prevention of wildlife crime.

Also, our USP is we ensure money is spent on delivering the charity’s mission statement.

All our fundraising initiatives clearly demonstrate the impact of funds received, this in turn builds trust and transparency which are key when engaging with both existing and new supporters.

Where Does The Money Go And What Impact Does It Make?

When approaching new donors it is important to ensure that all references to the charity’s objectives are clear and any research undertaken by new donors can see the impact of the cause.

This is key to ensuring a donor can see what the charity is about and can assess and reflect

their values and priorities.

One thing SAVSIM has is strong fiscal management and solid financial stewardship which enables us to engage and advise new donors of the impact of funds raised.

SAVSIM’s donor communication is key so that new donors can easily understand our story and our impact is clearly communicated to enable donors to engage.

At the start of this article is said it costs us £47.20 a month to run SAVSIM, it is important to us to provide transparency when it comes to communicating with donors.

We define our priorities and demonstrate progress, with articles, weekly blogs, and social media campaigns which provide support to our mission statement by showing impact, accountability, and focus on our Charity aims. These news updates strengthen and reinforce our donor and supporter relationships.

Communicate Your Message.


The most important aspect of any fundraising is the message. You need to establish who your audience is, how you can ascertain the best channels through which to reach them and the best way to which in turn, will allow you to tailor your storytelling to the methods that work best across those channels.

Digital communications platforms, such as email or social media, lend themselves to simple and effective personalisation. This will ensure that donors are more likely to feel your communications are relevant to them.

In today’s mobile age, it is also important to ensure communications are optimised for email. This is particularly true when considering how to optimise social media or email communications.

The Importance Of Telling A Story

When building a narrative, the framing of our mission statement needs to be clear and relatable.

At SAVSIM the use of imagery is key and powerful images grab attention, such as poached animals. which can connect with potential donors quickly by clearly highlighting the importance and impact of our mission statement by engaging with donors on an emotional level.

We are constantly reviewing content, which includes our website, social media channels, and other communications to emphasise the narrative and reflect the SAVSIM brand.

Our brand helps donors to remember our organisation and what we do, this, in turn, translates to greater responsiveness to our campaigns and needs, be it in the prevention of wildlife crime or our animal-assisted therapy courses to help veterans with PTSD.

We ensure all messaging and branding are fundamental to our overall strategic plan and ensure a common message on all platforms and in all of our communications.

This ensures all images, websites, and other forms of social media messaging, work together as one to draw our donors and supporters into a deeper connection with our mission statement.

We are constantly reviewing how we can communicate our mission statement better, reviewing priorities, and their impact when telling your story, which will remind donors why you need their support.

To find out more please visit our website:

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On behalf of the animals, we protect and the veterans we support.



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