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Updated: Jun 22, 2022

As Chairman of SAVSIM CIC its with great pride to announce that throughout March we delivered our first Animal Assisted Therapy Course (AATC) in partnership with @zsllondonzoo and @zslwhipsnadezoo.

We engaged with a number of parties and agencies to engage with the wider veteran community to recruit four military veteran candidates who would benefit in our wellness program which took place at London Zoo for 2 days following on with a residential program at Whipsnade for 5 days.

The candidates engaged in a number of exercises including yoga nidra, breath-work and providing daily journals of their experiences, how they felt etc with our Yoga Asana instructor. Activities throughout the zoo, including supporting keepers with day to day tasks, building enrichment actives for animals and the upkeep of enclosures. Group sessions were delivered by our mental health first aider on TRim (Trauma Risk Management) which collectively supported candidates on personal journeys.

The military veterans came from a wide range of demographics with varying distinctions of physical ailments and mental health issues. This program became a safe space for all involved and deep bonds were formed and will be cherished moving forward as a collaborative and community based support system.

Our feedback has been truly amazing and makes what we are doing so powerful.

I would like to thank the Zoological Society of London for partnering with us in delivering such an important program. Andrew TerryGrant Miller MBE Dominic Jermey

Thank you to all who have attended our events, donated funds and for all your support to date we make a difference.


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